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My RAK (Random Act Of Kindness)


This week, my student teacher assigned my class to do a random act of kindness. She also wanted us to video tape ourselves doing it and the videos upon a social media site. So, without further a do, here is my random act of kindness!


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Assignment 3: Natural Phenomenon


Thankfully, I have never been caught in a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. Although, when I was on a cruise with my family last year, the boat we were on got caught in the middle of a Tropical Storm. It was very rocky and if you were walking around or up the stairs then you would fall! Many people got sick on the boat that night. Yuck. Luckily, none of my family members got sick! Also, I heard about the typhoon that happened in the Philippines last year in 2013. It was devastating, and destroyed 70% to 80% of the structures, and left many people homeless and starving. You may not be able to prevent these natural phenomenon from occurring, but you can prepare for anything that may happen. Always be ready.


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Vote For Me!



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I Was Nominated!


Thank you everybody on Edublogs, Facebook, Twitter and any other online social networking sites for nominating me for the 2013 Edublog Awards! This means a lot to me, even if it is a small thing. At first, I wasn’t completely thrilled with the idea of making blogs when my teacher first announced it when we came back from Summer break. But, as I continued to write posts, get comments, and receive compliments about my blog, I started to enjoy it more. I liked advertising my blog to other bloggers, and visiting other blogs to see what they were about. Although, when I saw that people had actually nominated me and were voting for me, I was ecstatic. I didn’t think my blog was that good that people believed in it enough to nominate me! This is a friendly competition and there are a lot of blogs that were nominated this year. Three other people from my class were nominated also, and I am hoping and wishing that one of us wins ( Go GPV! ). So, I am just writing this post to thank the people that voted for me, and encourage people to continue to vote for me. HAPPY VOTING!



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Year In Review


I think the most world changing event of 2013 was when 31 states officially allowed, and legalized same-gender marriage. I think this is very important because marriage is about love not gender. Also, it doesn’t matter who you love, as long as you love them. People shouldn’t judge people who love the same gender as them because their culture doesn’t allow it, or because it looks weird or wrong to them. People need to understand that everyone is different, and if you can’t understand that then you need to start to accept life, change, reality, and difference. I know people may have different views of same-gender marriage because of their culture, religions, and beliefs, but the world changes, as do the people on it. People make their own decisions. You can’t make them for them. Rules, change, and laws change. I for one, am glad that people aren’t restricted from the people they love, and want to marry. They will live their life they want to live their life. Not how others want them to live their life.


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How many posts did I write?

I wrote 10 posts altogether.

How many posts were school based, my own interests, or set by the challenges?

2 challenges were school based, 1 was my own interest, and the rest of the posts were all parts from the challeng.

How many comments did I receive?

I received 11 comments from students and classmates.

Which of my posts received the most comments?

The post that received the most comments was the “All About Me!” post. I think this happened for two reasons. Number one, because it was my first post. Second of all, it was me talking about myself which some people could relate to some of my interests, and thoughts. They were also probably excited to write their first comment on a blog, and for someone to reply. Some of my commenters left their blog URL’s so that I could go and visit their blog and possibly nominate it.

What post I most enjoyed writing about?

I most enjoyed writing about my school fundraisers, and my blog post nomination. I enjoyed writing about my school fundraisers because I am very charitable (every time I go to the grocery store I put any spare change I have in the charity box next to the register), and love to do charity work, as the business where my parents work at do a lot of charity work and stuff for projects and they also donate money to the charity’s. Fundraisers are also a fun thing to do for the whole school because it’s not just work , sometimes they are interactive like moving bags of canned goods into a food truck that’s going to Africa, or you get to tape your bricks into a taped box which is to represent a house that we are buying bricks for, for a family less fortunate than us. I enjoyed my blog post nomination because it was like I was voting for a new president (except not that big!), and was a very important decision for somebody that deserved to win. Win the title of best individual blog of 2013! That is why I really enjoyed writing those two posts.

Did I change blog themes at all and why?

I changed it a few times at the beginning really trying to find a theme that suits my interests and personality. But after a few minutes looking at different themes, I found one that I really liked  because it looks like a journal and I have my own journal that I love to write and draw in too, so I have a big connection with that theme. I didn’t change it once this blogging challenge!

How many widgets do I have? Do I think this is enough or too many?

I have 9 widgets. This may be a lot but I like them because they are fun and make my blog interesting and unique. I understand if some people may have the opposite thought that I have too many, but they are usually the people that only have 2 or 3 and I think that kind of makes your blog bland unless you have los of pictures in/and posts.

How many overseas students do I have on my blogroll?   

I don’t have a blogroll so I cant really answer this question.


BLOG AUDIT  (With a little help from my Dad)


“What were your first impressions of my blog?”

” I liked the interactivity with all of the animal animations (widgets). They layout and navigation makes the blog easy to get around, and finally the detail within all of your blog posts is  exceptional. ”

 ” What captured you attention? “

” The vibrant colours! ”

” What distracted you on my blog? “

” Santa flying across the screen. 😉 ”

” What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? “

” Use or remove the ” categories ”  widget, consider adding a clock/time widget, and ummm, add an educational widget like one that asks you simple math questions or something. ”


P.S- A special thanks to my V.I.P guest,

Thank you for your time and efforts, Dad!










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9B My Blog Nomination




I nominate this blog because the author- Breana, is extremely true in her writing, creative, and talented. I truly think she has a knack for writing/blogging, and that could really help her in school, in a career, and in her future. I am completely judging and nominating her not because she likes One direction (If people are not nominating her just because of that than you are being very stereotypical and ignorant), but because I think she deserves to be called the best individual blogger of 2013! Her blog is very bright and florescent which is very unique. I also like how her blog and posts are very exciting and interesting. Her blog design for her background and colours is fun, out there, and very unique. If you agree with me that all of these things are important, then nominate Breana! She definitely deserves it!  Way to go Breana! I hope you win this years title as BEST INDIVIDUAL BLOGGER!



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For my best blog post ever, I will post my story inspired my the book series “And Then It Happened”. If you like humorous stories and series, then you will love these books! Also, I will be talking about my future! My future, cant wait!

And Then It Happened

~The Unruly Girls In-

the Restroom Mix Up~

by Hailee Landuyt


Phone Line


P (Porche) – “Hey guys! Blue jeans today?”

C (Chrysanthemum) – “Oh ya!”

B (Bailey) – “Absatootly!”

All – -giggle-

C – “Oh my gosh! Aren’t you guys excited for the dance?”

P – “Yes! Who wouldn’t be?”

B – “Weeeell, hehe just kidding!”

C – “Whew! Good! Well, see you guys at school! Bye!”

P – “Chow!”

B – “Bye!”

This was a friday morning in Southern California. Porche, Bailey, and Chrysanthemum were best friends and had a club that them three were in and created together called “The Unruly Girls”. Don’t ask me why they called it that, because I personally think that’s a very random name! Back to the stars! Porche, hyper and genius, was the idea hatcher and always thinking or doing something! Bailey, the shy, funny girl who always consoles you and stands by your side no matter what. Next, Chrysanthemum. A daredevil she is, as well as talkative. But, don’t underestimate her cleverness and spontaneousness.

On their way to Mariview Catholic School, Porche, Bailey, and Chrys (thats Chrysanthemum’s nickname) were discussing the freedom they should have, which their parents never trusted them with. When they got seated in their classroom, their teacher, Mrs.Bruins, was already at the front of the room looking a tad bit disappointed. “Students! Settle down please!” Knowing that this wasn’t going to catch her student’s attention she said, “This is an announcement about the dance!” All 27  heads turned to the front. “I’m to inform you that four of the teachers at our school, and two of your parents will be chaperoning the dance next friday.” There was an opera of “Awwww!”s, “Noooooo!”s, and “I’m not going anymore!”s. “Students!” Mrs.Bruins roared, her voice starting to sound irritated. “I’m not a fan of this either, considering I have to miss and reschedule my appointment at  the manicurist for next saturday!” Many perplexed and some grinning faces stared at her. “Never mind.” she added quickly.

At recess, the three girls were complaining about how unfair the dance was, now that there were adults monitoring them as if they were babies. “We are in 7th grade, not 1st!” they agreed. As they were about to go and discuss this tragedy with some other girls from their class over by the fence, Missy, the class brat and drama queen approached them. “Oh great…” Porche grumbled. “Hey, girls.” Missy said, artificially sweet. She continued. “So, parent/teacher chaperones at the dance right? That sucks. But you guys were never actually going so that doesn’t concern you.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Chrys, confused and daring. “Well, number one, the only dresses that you guys probably have are from your pre-school graduation. Second of all, not 100 jars of face cream, sticks of lipstick, or cans of hairspray, could do you any good, so why bother even going?” The three girls stood and stared at Missy almost as if they were in a trance. As they stood, Missy had a smile across her face, and her eyebrows lowering, turning her face into a disgraceful and snotty sneer. Bailey was the first one to snap out of it. “Ya, well, we are going to the dance for your information, and at least we will be dancing with cute boys, and you will be in the corner dancing with yourself and bawling like a little child.” She finished, out of breath. Bailey was raging and spitting those words out like fire, but now she acted like normal Bailey again (but blushing a bit). Suddenly, Chrys started to giggle! Then, surprisingly, Porche! Lastly, Bailey! At this point, they were all laughing hysterically! Missy’s face had turned into a twisted ball of confusion, anger, and most of all surprise. She stormed off madly muttering to herself. “What a bunch of freakin losers.” When she was gone, the girls high-fived each other. “Now that! Was impressive! Holy moley Bailey!” said Chrys surprised. “No kidding!” added Porche. “Hey guys?” Chrys started to ask, “ Do we actually have to dress up in, like,  a dress and get all decked out and stuff?” “No, I asked Mrs.Bruins that yesterday.” answered Porche. “Oh, and, uh, do guys actually ask you to slow dance?” Bailey asked hesitantly. They all laughed. “Anyways,” Porche began to say, “Don’t let anything Missy say to you mess with your brain! She is SO not messing up this dance!” “But, just to make sure that doesn’t actually happen… I am currently concocting a certain “surprise” for a certain “someone”, though.” They all knew what was coming, and they couldn’t wait!

I think i’ve just found out why they named their group “The Unruly Girls”. They seemed like nice girls at the beginning, and trust me, they are, but what all of them have in common is a very dangerous side. The unruly side.

One week later on friday, the day of the dance, they had created their plan and it was ready to be put into action. On the weekend, Porche had explained the plan to Chrys and Bailey, and it was PERFECT. They’d just just have to wait until later at the dance. Porche guaranteed it would be completely safe and foolproof. They just had one problem.

When school was almost over for the day, Mrs.Bruins met them outside while they were playing a threeway game of concentration. “Hi girls, how are you?” she asked. “Good.” they answered in unison, but at the same time still playing. “ That’s good, well, I was talking to the principal a couple days ago , and we need someone to sit at the front desk helping all of the students sign in and everything at the dance tonight. Would you three mind  doing it for us? I know you are very helpful, and I trust you compl-” “We would love to!” Porche said enthusiastically, cutting Mrs.Bruins off mid-sentence, and accidentally losing the game of concentration. “Ummm, ok then, thank you very much girls!” As she walked away, Chrys looked at Porche in an unbelievable kind of way. “Why’d you just do that?! Now our plan is ruined!” “No it’s not! It just fixed our problem! And we have a better chance of not getting spotted!” They noticed that Porche was right. Now, they just had to hold their breath and wait for the dance!

Finally! It was about 7:30 when students started arriving and entering the gymnasium. Grade 7’s and 8’s were pouring in  from all of the catholic schools in their area. The three girls said hi to people they noticed from their school and other schools, such as some girls from Bailey’s dance , and a few of Chrys’s cousins. They also said hello to to Missy with totally fake smiles, and even welcomed Nathan, Bailey’s “secret” crush. They both blushed and couldn’t talk! After they had signed in the last few stragglers into the gym they got to work with their plan.

Chrys stood guard as Porche took a screwdriver out of her purse and handed it to Bailey. Bailey immediately started to take off the boys and girls restroom signs off the opened doors. Porche put them back on, but on the opposite doors so the girls sign was on the boys restroom door, and the boys sign was on the girls restroom door. All of the adults were in the gym as well as all of the kids dancing so nobody was around. They all looked to see if they had done anything incorrect. Nope, they were good.

Now, Chrys stood in between the bathrooms saying they were out of order while Porche and Bailey went into the gym and told Missy that her makeup was smudged and look terrible, and that she needed to go fix it in the bathroom. She gave both of them dirty looks then rushed off to the “girls” restroom. They knew she would be in there for at least 15-20 minutes, and the mirrors were at the back of the restroom so she wouldn’t notice. That gave them plenty of time to put the signs back on the right doors. They went back and sat down at the front desk , and watched and waited for the first male customer.


Everyone in  the hall on their way to the restroom or just getting some fresh air heard a terrified scream along with a few other shrieks! Suddenly, Nathan, Bailey’s crush came running out of the girls restroom face red, breathing hard, eyes screaming! As Missy also emerged with a shriek from the other restroom nobody was paying attention. “I must have not noticed him when I went to get a drink!” whispered Chrys frantically to Porche and Bailey. Nathan had nearly passed out and so were the four girls who had been in there when  it happened! He was now sitting on the front desk chugging a bottle of water and staring blankly into space. Bailey was sitting next to him with a shy smile on her face, while trying to calm him down and cheer him up. At least she got a slow dance with him afterwards!

The next week Mrs. Bruins had yet another announcement to make. “The next dance will be in one month.” she said. “Oh! And adult chaperones will be signing students in and staying at the front desk.” Porche, Bailey, and Chrys had been suspended for 2 weeks because of their “doing” their principal had said. They also had to write an apologetic note to their principal, teacher, Nathan, and Missy (ugh!).

“Shouldn’t they get expelled?!” Missy complained to Mrs.Bruins. “No.” she answered simply, not looking up. She was looking for something in the class closet. Missy went into the closet and tried to interrupt. “But!” Mrs.Bruins closed the closet door after she had found the broom. “Wai-!” *slam!* “He-Hello?” called Missy shakily. She tried the door knob *locked*. “Hello?!” And that, is why you never mess with….


Now, for the comic!


Have you bloggers ever thought about your future? I do all the time! I think it’s good to think ahead of time because then you can kind of plan out things and predict. Although, it’s also good if you don’t. If you want to see where you, yourself, and fate will take you, then I guess you life motto is to go with the flow! That’s not bad either. There is no right or wrong way to see how your life will go. It just happens. And quickly, my parents always say. My parents aren’t really the “go-getter” type. They believe in good education, and getting a good payed career to provide for my family when I get older and that kind of stuff. I think that is all true, but then life wouldn’t be interesting! They always say that their jobs pay very good so our family can have many privileges and vacations and lots of stuff that people don’t get. I don’t need lots of cool toys and a big house. I know they just mean good, but they are just making it harder. I’ve moved 4-5 times to different towns in my life and have had to make so many new friends and start my life over so many times. It doesn’t help either that I’m mostly an introvert. I only come out of my shell with my friends.   I just want them to know that I don’t need all of that. We don’t have to get bigger house’s every few years. I just need a family, a house, food, and friends. I have NEVER had a childhood friend that I have always lived beside and played with. Ride scooters with, and have picnics with. I had one but then of course we moved. Now every 2-3 months we take a 4 hour drive to their house. I do have good friends now. Which is very good. We all wish that our lives would go in a straight line where no bad things happen. Like a story book where the pages inside are like the pages of great thing that happen to us like a great story. But when one of those pages rip… It’s like we rip. Like something bad has happened. But we are people and we tape ourselves back into that beautiful book of  life! Do you know why? Because you only get one shot. One shot at life. I’m sure that we all wish for a second chance, but sometimes, it just can’t happen. Life doesn’t always end in a happy ending. But sometimes it does. That why books that end in happy endings raise our hopes. And when our hopes rises… Our desire and appreciation for life rises. So, I think the moral of this conversation was that you never know where your future will take you. It can change with one decision. One choice. One thought. Just one, is what it takes to turn your life inside out or upside right. I guess I think that you shouldn’t try to make your life the best. Don’t stay on the same road for a long time, you’ve got to turn at one point, and there’s no point like the present. Never pass dowwn an oppurtunity you would love to take becaause you want your life to only go in one direction, a perfect direction. Straight. Life go’s everywhere, and it trails you along. It go’s up, down, right, left, sideways, and anywhere else. You just gotta trust it… And yourself.

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Ms.W’s Questions: Challenge 8




Q1- What makes a great post?-

I think the three things that make a great post are these-

  1. Personality and sincerity. When I make a blog post I try to pick topics that are very meaningful to me and that I can connect with, or that I think is interesting and would be fun to do. The reason for this is because, if you just pick to write a blog post that you don’t really connect with and can really relate to, then it isn’t going to be very good, informative, or fun to type.
  2. Commitment. If you are about to do a big blog post, then you might want to think about how much time, patience, and commitment it takes to start and finish it. “Optional” posts are  the kinds that you can do, or don’t have to because there are sometimes more important posts that your teacher asks to do. Also, if you want to just make a random post about something, like a free time post just for fun, then you should check if you can. You can recognize the best blog posts by reading their blog posts and you almost feel the commitment to the post in the writing, in every detail, emotion, or picture, you can tell they worked very hard on it, and that they care about their writing and their blog.
  3.  Lastly, how they begin the blog and conclude it. A good blog post will have a warm and informative beginning so that you understand what they have wrote. If a post just jumps right into the topic or subject and you have no clue what the person who wrote it is trying to explain to you or show you, then that is obviously not a very good post. The blog posts ending conclusion should wrap it all up slow, and compact, and that the writer feels confident enough that they feel that the reader could understand their blog post.

Q2- One thing that makes me really stop and read a blog post might be that the pictures in the post catch my eye, or if their previous blog posts were pretty good, so I decided to read more. Another reason is that  if one of my friends had went to a blog earlier and recommended that I should check it out, I might go onto that blog and read some posts. The last reason is if I am looking for a particular kind of post for enjoyment, information,  or ideas, then I would be reading a lot of good and informative posts.

Q3-  A great way to find some good posts on a blog is is to scan over all of the posts first, and maybe go back to some posts that had a topic that sounded cool to you, or a word or site that sounded like something you could relate to, or that you may want to find out more about. You can ask your friends to recommend some blogs that they have already went to that had some pretty good posts that they commented on, or liked.


I just want to post one comment I made 🙂


Hi, my name is Hailee! I really like your blog and so I’m going to answer some of your questions :)

If I could have a super power it would be to fly. To soar up so high and with the wind blowing in my face. I could see everything around me that fills me with life and joy.

Sometimes I wonder if I am living life right. Am I doing the right or wrong things? The wrong or right people? The wrong or right decisions? The wrong or right way to live life? It is such a confusing and frightening question to me… That is my biggest fear… Life.

Do I like rainy days? That depends. Sometimes I imagine that somebody had just died and so God is sad so he cries. Other days I believe that it’s God cleaning the Earth of all it’s horrible doings and letting it renew and start again. It may be God’s blessing answer to the the plants and animals prayers of thirst. There is so many reasons why it rains, even the logical with the cycle of rain and clouds and precipitation and evaporation and such. But do I like rainy days? That depends.

Lastly, are these good questions? I don’t know… Are these good answers?

Come visit me any time. You sound like a good blogger :)


And that was to http://pia1600.edublogs.org . Trust me, she really does sound like a great blogger!


Q1- I think the best post I have written is my “School Fundraisers” post, and and my “All About Me” post! In my school fundraisers post I  poured my heart into the post and every feeling of emotion I had for that topic. I really enjoyed that challenge :). My all about me topic was really fun because I got to announce  to lots of kids from  lots of different places who I am. Who Hailee is. It was really cool to tell people I’ve never met before who I am, what I like, and what I plan to do. It was just really cool.

Q2- I think these posts really stood out because, number one, my all about me post was very special because nobody else except me is me, and also because I go to really look inside myself for that post so that would probably be my best, and most favourite. Secondly, my school fundraisers post stood out because I think it is rare that that many people would actually try to make a good post. They just want to get the question over with and down so they can go and do something else, but this at it is considered homework. I enjoy posting on my blog even though it does take about quite a bit of my time but it’s worth it. I really poured my heat and thoughts into that post and I got to know more about that cause in general too.

Q3- Yes, I am able to write posts about my own interests. I’m not embarrassed or afraid about my interests or whether somebody will make a rude comment about them, because I’m confident in what I like to do and people should respect that although it’s very unlikely somebody would say something mean about something  like that anyways. Also, I think it’s cool how sometimes somebody will comment and say that we have the same interests in common, or that they think one of my interests are pretty cool! It just goes to show that even somebody from another country, a person from across the world even, could have something in common! It’s pretty amazing when you think about it… Even if it does seem like a small thing. 🙂

Q4- I do think this would make my blog more interesting, because if you are browsing blogs and you are looking for a cool interest somebody has or a common interest that you might share, then you might visit my blog because I have an interest in singing, horses, journal writing, and books. You might have something in common with me, or that maybe one of my interests are cool such as writing in my journal.


The three blogs I’m recommending are

  1.  http://pia1600.edublogs.org  -because, Pia’s blog is very good because she’s very realistic and I love all her questions that she has for people that come to her blog. I think it’s cool that she actually wants to know more about the people who visit her blog. Also, I like her motto at the title of her blog- STAY POSITIVE
  2.  http://csalexb.blogspot.co.nz/ – because, she writes a lot of blog posts and is very detailed. If you do get to visit this blog, then please scroll down and read her Spring Acrostic Poem. It’s beautiful!
  3.  http://breanapeportfolio.blogspot.ca/p/guestbook.html – because, I agreewith all of her posts and think that she is very gentle in her writing but is also smart. Her whole blog is also very creative.






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All About Our Grandparent’s History And How It Affects Us Today


Well, here are some of where my and my friend’s grandparents and farther down the line have originated from.

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Italy
  • Holland
  • U.S.A
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • England

So as you can see a few of them are European, and some in Canada and the United States, the two of the very popular places where a lot of us are from. My grandparents are from France, Belgium, and Canada. None of my relatives have accents as far as I know, except my Grandma who has a weird sounding voice, but that also sounds kinda cool. Almost all of my classmates grandparents have immigrated to Canada. Unfortunately, not a lot of foods have been handed down in my family which would have been really interesting and fun. But, even though we don’t have any traditional recipes, my grandma said that her mother had taught her a delicious Banana Bread recipe, so almost every time I go over to her house we make it! We also don’t have any cultural events, but if my grandpa is invited to any one of his family members’s birthdays he will put butter on his finger and put it on your nose and surprise you. So that has been a new added tradition to my family, and I think it is very cool and fun! On my father’s side, I can go back 4 generations before any of my ancestors came to my present country- Canada. That would mean the first of my ancestors that immigrated to Canada was my father’s, father’s, father. Haha, I know that is kind of confusing so I will sum it up, that is my great-grandfather. He travelled from his present country- Belgium, to Canada with his wife and his child, my papa. It’s kind of sad that I never got to meet him… I bet he had a lot of interesting stories from when he was a child, and from when he was immigrating to Canada!

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